Tradeoff Analysis Workbook

Tradeoff Analysis Workbook (66 KB)

This workbook estimates and compares the net long-term cost of the effects of noise emission (relative to a criterion) for up to three candidate equipment items.

  1. Determine whether you are working on a sound pressure level (SPL) or sound power level (PWL) criterion. Select the appropriate worksheet in the Tradeoff Analysis Workbook (77 KB).
  2. Enter the criterion sound pressure or sound power level in yellow box in the first row.
  3. Enter the number of personnel exposed to noise from this equipment in the yellow box in the second row.
  4. Enter the quoted sound pressure or sound power levels for up to three quotes in the yellow boxes in the third row.
  5. If you are using the sound power level worksheet, select the size of the room in which the equipment is going to be installed.
  6. The cost of noise exposure to noise above the criterion, per person exposed, are listed for each quote.
  7. Positive values mean additional cost beyond the cost of exposure to noise at the criterion level.
    Negative values mean reduced cost relative to the criterion.

  8. Compare the cost of noise exposure relative to the criterion for all quotes. Factor this information into your source evaluation process to determine which offer represents the best value.
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