Tradeoff Analysis

Considering the Cost of Noise when Evaluating Offers

The tradeoff analysis uses a method similar to the Cost of Noise analysis, but with three key differences:

  • The HCP/PPD factor is excluded.
  • The sensitivity for disability claims is set to 3 (moderate sensitivity).
  • The hearing impairment percentile is set to 95%.

If the specification indicates that a tradeoff approach will be used to evaluate offers, the Requestor and Contracting Officer should work together to implement the following steps:

  1. Determine whether you are working on a sound pressure level (SPL) or sound power level (PWL) criterion. Select the appropriate worksheet in the Tradeoff Analysis Workbook (66 KB).
  2. Enter the quoted sound pressure or sound power levels for up to three quotes in the white boxes in the first row.
  3. Enter the criterion sound pressure or sound power level in white box the second row.
  4. Enter the number of personnel exposed to noise from this equipment in the white box in the third row.
  5. If you are using the sound power level worksheet, select the size of the room in which the equipment is going to be installed.
  6. The cost of noise exposure to noise above the criterion, per person exposed, are listed for each quote.

    Positive values mean additional cost beyond the cost of exposure to noise at the criterion level.

    Negative values mean reduced cost relative to the criterion.

  7. Compare the cost of noise exposure relative to the criterion for all quotes. Factor this information into your source evaluation process to determine which offer represents the best value.

Note: You might need to waive the requirement for the supplier to submit measured sound data at the time of proposal submission. Perhaps the equipment’s sound level has never been measured before (e.g., in the case of a custom-built unit). Use the Submittal Data Waiver Form (105 KB) to secure the approval of the Buy-Quiet Program Manager when the size or uniqueness of the unit makes it prohibitive or impossible to test prior to contract award.

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