Simplest Procurement Strategy Worksheet

Simplest Procurement Strategy Worksheet (61 KB)

After completing steps 1–3 of the Roadmap, use this worksheet to determine the simplest allowable NASA Procurement strategy that may be used for your procurement.

  1. Enable macros if you are prompted to do so.
  2. Answer the seven questions, in order, by making YES/NO selections using the spinner boxes in Column C.
  3. The simplest allowable NASA procurement strategy for your situation will be highlighted in orange in lines 16–18. Click the link in the orange cell in line 16 for more information on how to proceed with your procurement.
  4. If you wish to explore other procurement options for this procurement, click RESET (Cell D5) or follow the instructions in the shaded box to reset the worksheet.

Note: The RESET button (Cell D5) activates a macro that returns all of the selectors to their default original positions. Macros must be enabled. The macro is written in Visual Basic (VBA) which is supported by Office for Windows and by Office 2004 for Mac. Office 2008 for Mac does not support VBA macros, which means that for users of that software the RESET macro will not work. In that case the options are to manually select “No” and “No” for the top two inputs, or to close the spreadsheet and re-open it.

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