External Specifications and Regulations

The following documents provide general data on how loud classes of equipment ought to be. If you are unable to find the equipment noise emission data you need in the online noise databases, consult these resources.

Machinery Noise

  • EU Updated Machinery Directive : updated version with reduced maximum permissible sound power levels of outdoor equipment. The original (full) Directive document as well as the amendment and consolidated text are published on the European Commission website.

Emission Level Requirements

Immission Level Guidelines and Requirements

Measurement of Occupational Noise Exposure

ANSI S12.19-1996 (R2006) American National Standard Measurement of Occupational Noise Exposure presents methods that can be used to measure a person’s noise exposure received in a work place and is available from the ASA Standards store.

Note: NASA employees should consult their Center’s library staff for instructions on ordering technical standards covered by agency subscriptions.

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