Determine Simplest Allowable Procurement Strategy

A low-noise procurement process merges the consideration of product noise emission and noise exposure issues with the NASA procurement process. Once you have researched the availability of low-noise products that meet your requirements and have selected an appropriate noise emission criterion, the next step is to find the simplest allowable procurement strategy that will accommodate these specific noise-related aspects of your procurement.

Note: There may be more than one source selection approach that is appropriate for a particular situation.

Use the following questions to identify the simplest allowable procurement strategy that will adequately address the noise-related factors of the procurement in a manner that is compliant with NASA procurement requirements.

  1. Did you find product-specific noise emission data?
    1. If not, did you find product-class-specific noise emission data?
  2. Does the noise emission data meet the baseline criterion you selected for this product?
    1. If not, has the Buy-Quiet Program Manager approved the adjusted noise emission criterion?
  3. Is the purchase price <= $3000 (or “micropurchase” limit, whichever is lower)?
  4. Is the product on the GSA schedule?
  5. Do you have 3 quotes that meet all requirements (or you can provide an approved JOFOC)?

This decision tree has been implemented in the Simplest Procurement Strategy Worksheet. Follow the instructions on the Simplest Procurement Strategy Worksheet page to properly answer the questions, which will reveal (with orange shading) the simplest NASA procurement strategy that best meets your needs.

Note: When you have found the simplest NASA procurement strategy using the worksheet, follow the hyperlink in the orange shaded column to the Roadmap page that describes the next steps in the procurement process.

Note: Completion of NASA Form 1707 (NF 1707) is required for all purchases. Section 6, Health and Safety, includes check-boxes for the requestor to indicate that equipment noise emission has been properly considered and that the purchase complies with NASA’s Buy-Quiet Program requirements. Centers may require higher approval levels or prohibit certain purchases. Cardholders and approving officials are responsible for following any program or center-specific policy.

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