JeopEARdy is an interactive multimedia training resource that supports effective education in occupational hearing conservation programs. JeopEARdy consists of a Microsoft® PowerPoint® file (accompanied by additional linked files containing sounds, videos, and other resources) that can be used as a unique interactive “game” by hearing conservationists. The game’s graphic interface utilizes the JeopEARdy game board with six topics and five answers under each topic, with values of 10 to 50. There is a also a Final JeopEARdy question.

JeopEARdy may be used either in its basic (“ready-to-use”) form, or it can be customized to meet specific needs of the audience and instructor (with periodic updates to remain current with policy and program changes).

JeopEARdy was created by the NASA Glenn Research Center Acoustical Testing Laboratory, in collaboration with the NASA Johnson Space Center Audiology and Hearing Conservation Clinic and with support from the NASA Glenn Research Center Imaging Technology Center.

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