Using the BuyQuietRoadmap

The BuyQuietRoadmap guides the user through the following steps:

  1. Plan the procurement.
  2. Research available low-noise products.
  3. Select an appropriate noise emission criterion.
  4. Determine the simplest allowable NASA procurement process that accommodates the specific noise-related aspects of the procurement, based on steps 1–3.
  5. Develop a specification, if one is required, using the template provided. Then, work with the Contracting Officer to evaluate offers, as appropriate, using a tradeoff analysis that considers the long-term cost of exposure to noise emissions of candidate products.
  6. Verify product noise emission at the shop (before shipment) and in the field (after installation), as appropriate.

Worksheet calculators for performing analytical steps, and forms for obtaining required approvals are provided in the Forms and Worksheets section of the BuyQuietRoadmap.

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