Forms & Worksheets

Forms are required for documenting the completion of steps in the buy-quiet process. Worksheets are tools for performing calculations involved in various steps.

Economic Benefit of Noise Control Worksheet

This worksheet is intended to support the purchaser’s efforts to advocate a low-noise purchase. It estimates the long-term economic cost of noise exposure and thereby is also able to estimate the benefit due to reducing noise exposure.

NASA Noise Emission Specification Template

Enter noise emission criterion and other specific information into this template and use it to develop your equipment purchase specification.

Community Noise Check Worksheet

Use this worksheet to estimate potential sound levels in the community due to outdoor equipment.

Convert sound power levels to sound pressure levels

Data are occasionally presented in sound pressure level format when sound power level format is desired, or vice versa. After ascertaining the reason for the discrepancy from the supplier, use one of the spreadsheet tools in this section to convert the data to the desired format.

Spreadsheet for Approximate Sound Power/Pressure Conversion

A simplified conversion method is described in the Approximate Sound Power-Pressure Conversion worksheet. Use this worksheet to get a quick and easy estimate of the conversion between sound power level and sound pressure level.

Sound Power/Pressure Conversion (Room Acoustics) Worksheet

A more detailed approach for sound pressure/power conversion based on room acoustics considerations is given in the Sound Power/Pressure Conversion (Room Acoustics) worksheet.

Simplest Procurement Strategy Worksheet

After completing steps 1–3 of the Roadmap, use this worksheet to determine the simplest allowable NASA Procurement strategy that may be used for your procurement.

NASA Form 1707 (NF 1707)

This form is required for all procurements at all NASA Centers to document the proper coordination of approvals for health and safety issues, including the consideration of noise emission.

Tradeoff Analysis Workbook

This workbook estimates and compares the net long-term cost of the effects of noise emission (relative to a criterion) for up to three candidate equipment items.

Criterion Adjustment Authorization Form

Use this document whenever it is necessary to increase the noise emission criterion beyond the baseline values.

Sound Data Verification Form

Suppliers should submit noise emission data using this form.

Submittal Data Waiver Form

Use this document after proposal receipt if suppliers are unable to provide noise emission data with their proposals.

Shop Verification Authorization Form

Use this document to describe the results obtained and/or decisions made at the shop verification stage affecting shipment of the equipment.

Field Verification Authorization Form

Use this document to describe the results obtained and/or decisions made at the field verification stage affecting acceptance of the equipment.

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