Equipment Test Standards

Detailed test standards have been written for many types of equipment. These should be used whenever possible because of the considerable forethought related to testing and operational conditions that has been invested in the them. If you don’t find the type of equipment you are purchasing listed below, use the Elementary Equipment Sound-Level Verification Test document (264 KB).

Note: If you find that this document is the most appropriate test standard for your purchase, you will need to include a link to it (or a copy of it) with your equipment specification.

Note: If the test standard you select does not provide for measurements at all locations of interest (e.g., operator position), you may wish to require additional measurement locations when you build your specification.

Sound Descriptors Used in the Table


sound pressure level in octave bands


A-weighted sound pressure level


sound power level in octave bands


A-weighted sound power level

Note: NASA employees should consult their Center’s library staff for instructions on ordering technical standards covered by agency subscriptions.

Equipment Type and Test Standard Quantitites Measured
Air Moving Devices
AMCA 300-85 ,”Test Code for Sound Rating” LW, LWA
ANSI/ASA S12.11-2003/Part 1 / ISO 10302:1996 (MOD) (R2008) American National Standard Acoustics – Measurement of noise and vibration of small air-moving devices, Part 1: Airborne noise emission LW, LWA
Hydraulic Fluid Power Pumps
ANSI/B93.71M-1986, “Hydraulic fluid power pumps—test code for the determination of airborne noise levels” LPA, LWA
Hydraulic Fluid Power Motors
ANSI/B93.72M-1986, “Hydraulic fluid power motors – test code for the determination of airborne noise levels” LPA, LWA
Pneumatic Equipment
ANSI S5.1, “Test Code for the Measurement of Sound from Pneumatic Equipment” LPA
Electric Power Tools
ANSI S12.15-1992, “Portable electric power tools, stationary and fixed electric power tools, and gardening appliances—measurement of sound emitted” LPA, LWA
ANSI/AGMA 6025-C90 (August 1990), “Sound for enclosed helical, herringbone, and spiral bevel gear drives” LPA, LWA
Mechanical Equipment
ANSI/ASME PT36-1985, “Measurement of Industrial Sound” LPA, LWA
Electric Motors
IEEE Publication No. 85, “Test Procedure for Airborne Noise Measurements on Rotating Electric Machinery”

Note: State of the art may be <80 dBA.

Liquid Immersed Transformers
ANSI/IEEE C57.12.90 1980, “Test Code for Liquid Immersed, Distribution, Power and Regulating Transformers” LPA
Other Transformers
ANSI/IEEE C57.94-1982, “IEEE Recommnded Practice for operation of dry-type general purpose distribution and power transformers” LPA
Control Valves
ANSI/ISA S57.07-1987, “Laboratory Measurement of Aerodynamic Noise Generation by Control Valves” LPA
Air Conditioning Equipment
ARI 575-1987, “Method of Measuring Machinery Sound within an Equipment Space” LPA, LWA
Stationary Heavy Duty Internal Combustion Engines
DEMA Test Code for the measurement of sound from heavy-duty reciprocating engines (1985) LPA
Machine Tools
NMTBA Noise Measurement Techniques LPA, LWA
Gas Turbine
ANSI B133.8 Gas turbine installation sound emissions LPA, LWA
Industrial Trucks
ANSI/ASME B56.11.5, “Measurement of sound emitted by low lift, high lift and rough terrain powered industrial trucks” LPA
Cooling Towers
CTI code for measurement of sound from water-cooling towers LP,LPA, LWA
Off-road Equipment
SAE J1166 (R) Sound Measurement – Off-Road Self-Propelled Work Machines, Operator – Work Cycle LPA
SAE J88 (R) Sound Measurement – Off-Road Work Machines – Exterior LPA
ISO 6393 Earth-moving machinery – Determination of sound power level – stationary test condition LWA
ISO 6394 Earth-moving machinery – Determination of emission sound pressure level at operator’s position – Stationary test conditions LPA
ISO 6395 Earth-moving machinery – Determination of sound power level – Dynamic test conditions LWA
ISO 6396 Earth-moving machinery – Determination of emission sound pressure level at operator’s position – Dynamic test conditions LPA
Ducted Air Moving and Conditioning Equipment
ARI Standard 260 LW, LWA
Information Technology Equipment
ANSI/ASA S12.10-2002/ISO 7779:1999 (R2007) NAIS Standard Acoustics – Measurement of airborne noise emitted by information technology and
telecommunications equipment
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