Verify Noise Emission

At this point, the contract has been awarded and the equipment has been constructed. Verification testing is required both at the shop and in the field. Results must be documented and approved. Required approval signatures are based on the results of the verification and are indicated on the verification forms after data is entered.

What You Need

  • The equipment’s noise emission performance should be verified before it leaves the manufacturing facility (shop verification). It is almost always easier and less expensive to remedy performance problems at the manufacturing site before shipment.
  • The equipment should be tested again, after installation (field verification).

Data collected from verification testing may be cataloged for use in future low-noise procurements.

Suppliers should submit data to you using the NASA Buy-Quiet Program Sound Data Verification Form (74 KB).

Which Test Standard Do I Use?

When to Seek Help from a Consultant

Unrelated noise sources (for example, building ventilation) may be active during the verification measurement. Eliminate these noise sources by turning them off, especially if they are almost as loud as or louder than the unit under test.

Noise sources that operate along with the unit under test can’t always be independently turned off, as with noise emitted from piping connected to a compressor. You may need help from an acoustical consultant to separate these contributions.

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