Approximate Sound Pressure/Power Conversion Worksheet

A simplified conversion method for sound pressure/power conversion is described in Sound Power-Pressure Conversion (74 KB). Use this worksheet to get a quick and easy estimate of the relationship between sound power level and sound pressure level under one of three scenarios:

  • Estimate installed Sound Pressure Level from measured Sound Power Level
  • Estimate Sound Power Level from measured Sound Pressure Level
  • Estimate installed Sound Pressure Level from Sound Pressure Level measured in a different environment

Enter the value you know in the appropriate yellow box and read the corresponding value in the blue box.

This spreadsheet calculator for conversion between sound power and pressure is based on methods in ANSI/ASA S12.16-1992 (R2013) American National Standard Guidelines for the Specification of Noise of New Machinery external link. This standard provides guidelines for obtaining noise level data from manufacturers of stationary equipment. The standard references existing American National Standards Institute, trade, and professional association measurement standards and techniques to request manufacturer noise level data. Appendices provide guidance for interpretation of the data received from the manufacturer.

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