MACSUG (Manual Audiometer Computer Simulator User Gizmo) is a simulated audiometer interface that provides hearing conservation and audiology educators with an educational resource for simulating and illustrating techniques and principles of manual audiometry and audiogram review.

MACSUG visually displays the process of manual pure-tone, air-conduction audiometric testing, when used in a teaching environment where the user (individual or instructor with students) enters input that simulates the response of the patient.

A computer using MACSUG (when used with a computer projector system or at least the computer’s monitor) can display to large groups concepts that demonstrate basic manual audiometry techniques in a format consistent with microprocessor audiometers used in industrial hearing conservation.

MACSUG may also be used to teach audiogram review and OSHA recordability determination for industrial hearing conservation programs, including calculation of shifts, STS metrics (with and without age corrections) and average hearing level.

MACSUG is intended to be an educational tool for classroom use by an instructor, but it may also be used by individuals who wish to practice or review their understanding of pure-tone audiometric testing and audiogram review principles.

MACSUG simulates screen displays of a typical microprocessor audiometer, including key functions used to determine hearing thresholds in manual air conduction audiometry. This tool is not intended for teaching techniques used in clinical audiological testing (e.g., bone conduction or speech audiometry).

MACSUG is intended to be a generic teaching tool and is not intended to mimic or endorse any commercial product. MACSUG is not intended for clinical use.

MACSUG is available as a downloadable application for PC. It is recommended that MACSUG be run on a PC running Windows® 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista. The minimum recommended display resolution for MACSUG is 1024 × 768.

MACSUG was produced by the NASA Glenn Research Center Acoustical Testing Laboratory in collaboration with the NASA Johnson Space Center Audiology and Hearing Conservation Clinic.

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