NASA Auditory Demonstration Laboratory (EARLAB) Announces New Website

EARLAB, the NASA Auditory Demonstration Laboratory, is an umbrella organization that encompasses a variety of activities, services, and products that support the practice of hearing conservation at NASA field centers.

EARLAB’s popular educational resources and training tools, formerly distributed by the Glenn Research Center Acoustical Testing Laboratory, include the Auditory Demonstrations Series, interactive training games, and other applications. EARLAB’s resources are free and publicly available and have been distributed worldwide to hearing conservationists, acoustical engineers, and educators worldwide since 1997.

The EARLAB NASA Auditory Demonstration Laboratory’s physical facility is located at Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, OH and provides a test bed for developing audio simulations of various acoustical concepts for use in employee education programs. The operations of the Auditory Demonstration Laboratory reside in the Safety Health and Environmental Division of the Safety and Mission Assurance Directorate at Glenn Research Center and are directed by Beth Cooper, PE INCE.Bd.Cert, Fellow INCE/USA. From 1999 until 2007, Ms. Cooper was the Director of the Glenn Research Center Acoustical Testing Laboratory, which is now managed by Trevor Jones.

These demonstrations, and all other EARLAB products are now available as free downloads from the new EARLAB website.

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