NASA Buy-Quiet Program Advocacy PowerPoint® slideshow presentation

NASA Buy-Quiet Program Advocacy PowerPoint® slideshow presentation (1.83 MB)

This slideshow presentation was developed to help educate NASA stakeholders about the benefits of a low-noise workplace and about NASA’s Buy-Quiet and Quiet-by-Design requirements. The presentation contains specific guidance for meeting NASA’s Buy-Quiet requirements. Non-NASA organizations may also find these slides useful.

You can customize the slides as appropriate to reflect site-specific information you wish to convey.

These slides have been presented in various presentation configurations at NASA Safety Directors’ meetings, NASA Occupational Health Conferences, and professional society conferences (Internoise 2009). They also have been distributed to NASA’s team of center and facility points of contact (POCs) who are responsible for coordinating the development and implementation of site-specific Buy-Quiet and Quiet-by-Design programs.

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