Buy-Quiet Roadmap: a web-based application supporting procurement of low-noise equipment in the context of a hearing conservation program

The Buy-Quiet Process Roadmap is a web-based application for executing the identification and selection of low-noise-emission equipment. Based on industry best practices contributed by more than twenty organizations, the Roadmap was developed by NASA to meet the diverse needs of its 15 field centers. The Roadmap is a publicly available resource that may be easily adapted by other government, military and industrial organizations. Users are guided through a stepwise process that includes project planning, researching the marketplace, selecting an achievable noise emission criterion, and developing a specification document, and includes customizable forms and worksheets that facilitate decision-making and documentation. The Roadmap also incorporates guidelines for identifying the appropriate government procurement strategy for each purchase, based on an assessment of the purchase-specific long term financial and noise exposure risk. The heart of the Roadmap is a “cost of noise” calculation that evaluates the relative cost of long-term noise exposure for products that differ in both noise emission and price.

Download Buy-Quiet Process Roadmap conference presentation (219 KB) PDF file

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